This mashed cauliflower recipe is so good that you will forget all about regular mashed potatoes. This recipe is very low on carbs, but huge on flavor. You’ll absolutely love how easy this dish is to make compared to regular mashed potatoes. Mashed cauliflower may not be for everyone, the only way to find out if you’ll love this dish is to try it out!

There are so many recipes out there for mashed cauliflower, however, this is my personal favorite. It’s pretty much the same ingredients you would use to make traditional mashed potatoes except we are using cauliflower.

I personally think the more butter in this recipe the better it tastes! No judgment here but I do love my butter!!

For this recipe, I highly encourage you to taste the recipe before serving just to make sure there is the perfect amount of seasoning in the dish and trust me you will be able to tell.

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