Bella Fehler

I’m Bella, a girly girl, and lover of life and food!! I’d love for you’ll to get to know me a bit better and if that is what you are here for, keep reading!

Growing up I have spent a great amount in the kitchen. I come from a big family so there was plenty of times, where my help was needed. Sometimes I enjoyed it, and sometimes, believe it or not, I had absolutely no desire to do any sort of cooking or baking. Just the thought of always making sure there was food on the table felt like a chore to me.

I grew up in a Russian family, and most of my childhood would eat the same traditional food over and over. I didn’t know much about other cultures because I wasn’t very open-minded, and did not have much of a desire to try new foods. I absolutely love Russian food to this day however my mindset has greatly changed after experiencing all kinds of food that’s out there.

It really wasn’t until I got married, and started experiencing life differently than what I was used to. My husband and I have had a great privilege to move around, and with that came experiencing different hospitalities, different cultures, and all the different food! That is when I just absolutely fell in love with food.

Everything we would always be trying, I would come home and always try to recreate it. My passion grew so strongly for food, I became very open-minded and learned how to enjoy food in a different way.

To me cooking no longer feels like a chore that I have to do. It’s a form of art and a hobby of mine. One day I expressed to my husband how I would love to start blogging about my recipes and share about food, so here I am!

I want Willows Cookbook to be a place where you can find the best tried and true recipes. Join me on the journey to find the latest recipes from my kitchen to your kitchen!

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